About Flakboy 2

Welcome to website where you can enjoy the second edition of the awesome flash game called Flakboy 2. If you have already played the previous versions of the game, you might know that it is a colorful and very addictive game where you have to torture poor alien in different ways to complete the quests. In fact, the quests are pretty simple - you have to use the weapons given to you and do the maximum damage to your character. Every time you make a try, you should place the weapons in such way, that the character gets injured. Remember that as soon as you press the Go button, you won't have any control on the situation on the scene.

Developers did a really great job by adding a lot of new weapons and new levels. It may take a lot of time to complete the game but it is worth it. I would also recommend you playing the previous version of the game if you have never tried it before. Anyway, I am sure that you will have fun playing the Flakboy 2 at our website.


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